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Rosy Petals Women Half Shirt

Rosy Petals Women Half Shirt

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Introducing the "Petals in Bloom" Women's Half Sleeve Collar Shirt – a blend of sophistication and natural allure that adds a touch of grace to your wardrobe. This exquisite shirt showcases a soft baby pink base adorned with delicate brownish floral petals, creating a harmonious fusion of colors and patterns.

Designed to elevate your everyday style, this half sleeve collar shirt strikes the perfect balance between comfort and timeless elegance. The collar adds a touch of refinement, while the intricate floral petal prints exude a subtle sense of femininity, making it a versatile choice for both professional and casual occasions.

Unveil your style versatility with this shirt – a perfect match for both palazzo pants and jeans. The soft contrast between the baby pink backdrop and the brownish floral patterns creates a captivating visual effect that's bound to turn heads.

Step into the world of "Petals in Bloom" Women's Half Sleeve Collar Shirt. Embrace the delicate design and gentle hues, allowing your natural beauty to shine through.


  • STYLE :  Regular Collar


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