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Expressions in Blue Short Sleeve Shirt

Expressions in Blue Short Sleeve Shirt

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Introducing our captivating unisex half sleeve shirt, a wearable gallery of emotions and expressions. Against a serene off-white backdrop, this shirt becomes a canvas for an artful display of varying blue-hued faces, creating a dynamic and intriguing ensemble that's sure to turn heads.

The shirt's canvas showcases an array of faces, each rendered in shades of blue, evoking a sense of depth and complexity. From tranquil to enigmatic, each expression tells a story, inviting observers to interpret and engage. Against the soft off-white background, these faces form a captivating mosaic that captures the essence of human emotions.

Designed for comfort and versatility, the unisex silhouette offers a balanced fit that complements a range of body types. The half sleeves infuse a casual charm, making this shirt suitable for a variety of occasions and settings.

From casual outings to artistic gatherings, this shirt effortlessly adapts to your style needs. Paired with jeans, it radiates an effortless and laid-back sophistication, while matched with tailored bottoms, it transforms into a statement piece that sparks conversations.


  • SIZE : M(38), L(40), XL(42), XXL(44)
  • STYLE :  Regular Collar


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